India is the cheapest place for an international student to attend an university with the annual expenditure according to a new study conducted in 15 destinations. Studying a degree in India will be daunting, but it gives you an opportunity to live and study in one of the world’s most exciting countries, with a reputation for innovation and a developing expertise in education. With thousands of institutions to choose from, you're sure to find the right university for you in India. India’s university system is complex and can be difficult to understand, but essentially there are four main types of university in India:
• Central universities – Overseen by the national government
• State universities – Curriculum set by local government
• Deemed-to-be-universities – Unofficial universities normally set up by private individuals
• Inter-university centres – Centres of education which share facilities between several universities Each university is free to set its own curriculum, the subjects and undergraduate degrees their students study, and how they are assessed. It takes between three to four years to complete and undergraduate degree in India, with subjects such as arts, commerce and science taking three years and topics like technology, engineering and pharmacy taking four years. Subjects such as law and medicine may take longer. For scholarships visit: